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Alpha Miami Grappling
Leading the Pack

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Welcome To Alpha Miami Grappling

Where Alphas Are Made & Lives Are Changed.

Every Wolf pack has an Alpha. Every team has a leader. Every competition has a winner.These roles are determined by work ethic, consistency and faith.

At Alpha Miami Grappling, we welcome all ages.

Whether you are looking to stay active or dreaming of becoming a World Champion! We provide an experience that helps you reach your goals.


We believe that the benefits provided by the Martial Arts should be enjoyed by everyone – no matter your belt color, experience level, or age. We are committed to sharing the same degree of knowledge and skill with each and every one of our students.

  • Faith

    We don’t just teach our students how to become good Martial Artists, but how to become good people! Team Alpha instills kindness, optimism, and trust.
  • Dedication

    Martial Arts is incredibly rewarding, but can also be pretty challenging! Students quickly learn the importance of commitment, hard work, and drive.
  • Passion

    As a family-run business, Alpha Miami is passionate about sharing our love for the Martial Arts with the Miami community.
  • Family

    Just like a wolf pack, every member of the Alpha Miami family looks out for one another. Join us and become a part of a one-of-a-kind community!
  • Selflessness

    Being a part of a pack comes with responsibilities. Our students take care of their teammates, share their knowledge, and aid in each other’s success.


Alpha Miami Grappling

Alpha Miami fosters a family-oriented training atmosphere. All of our instructors have undergone a rigorous background check and are dedicated to changing the lives of our students for the better. Additionally, our team understands that the benefits of Jiu Jitsu and the Mixed Martial Arts go far beyond increased strength and enhanced athleticism.

Alpha Miami Grappling Martial Arts training focuses just as much on improving focus, boosting confidence, and bettering mental health.

Coming into class at Alpha Miami Grappling isn’t just a workout – it’s a therapeutic experience. When you take the time to get away from technology, social media, and the stressors of work and school for an hour and a half, you’ll leave feeling like a totally new person! After a few months training with us, you’ll find that your confidence has improved, you feel a greater sense of peace, and your performance at work or school has improved drastically!

What Our Students Are Saying

  • Not only are the coaches amazing and personable, but the family environment is like no other.


    Parent & Student

  • The attention to detail when explaining techniques is great and there are a lot of women to roll with.

    Jessica R

    Parent & Student

  • I strongly recommend anyone who is wanting to put their child, or trying it themselves, to go Join Carlos Saiz and the Team Apha family.

    Angel V

    Former Coach & Student

  • Highly recommended for the whole family. Coach Carlos and his family are the best.

    Gustavo M

    Parent & Student