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Whether you are a lifetime athlete or a total novice in the gym our Alpha Fit training regimen is the ideal place for you to hone your skill and develop new ones! This strength & conditioning program consists of: weight training, HIIT, and custom hybrid programs for competitors!

Kids & Adults Alpha Fit

Strength & Conditioning

You may receive praise from your instructor on your takedowns and grapples in class, but then find yourself out of breath the second you have to spar. Sound familiar? If you don’t have the stamina and strength to back up your skills, you’ll find yourself losing fight after fight. That’s why we encourage every one of our students to enroll in our strength and conditioning courses.

These classes will take your skills to the next level and get you in the best shape of your life.

Builds Endurance

Strength and conditioning are essential to maintaining the endurance needed to win a fight or overcome a sparring competitor. In Alpha Miami Grappling’s strength and conditioning class, we will build your stamina through both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercises improve your cardiovascular health and are done for long periods. In our class, this will include drills incorporating walking, running, rowing, and other cardio-based routines. Meanwhile, anaerobic exercises are done in shorter time increments but performed at a higher intensity. This will include activities such as sprinting, weight lifting, jump training, and HIIT. Most importantly, our strength and conditioning class spend a lot of time putting your skills to the test through sparring. After all, the more you do something, the easier it gets!

Strengthens Important Muscles

When sparring or fighting, possessing exceptional strength in specific muscles can provide you with the upper hand needed to win. In this class, we prioritize the quads, abdominal muscles, back muscles, triceps, upper body muscles, and shoulder muscles. While we aim to strengthen and build these muscles, we’re even more concerned about keeping them lean. Students will regularly partake in strength and resistance training that will improve their performance in all of the martial arts disciplines they practice.

Weight Lifting

Alpha Miami Grappling’s weight lifting class will keep you on your toes. While we will target  specific muscle groups and focus on certain goals, we don’t rely on repetition. Students will typically start with beginner exercises, such as chest presses, lunges, squats, curls, shoulder presses, and floor presses. As students advance, more weight will be added to these basic exercises. At this point, intermediate and advanced exercises will be incorporated as well, including pull-ups, bench presses, and the Arnold Press. No matter what prior weight lifting experience you have (or don’t have), this class will meet your needs by establishing a strong foundation and helping you continue at a pace that is best suited for your individual abilities.


In Alpha Miami’s HIIT class, our goal is to provide you with the greatest amount of benefits in the shortest amount of time possible. While there are many pros to HIIT, it’s probably best known for its ability to burn a ton of calories within a super short duration. We know what you’re probably thinking – what makes HIIT so much different than just running, biking, or swimming? Here’s the secret: while running, biking and swimming certainly burn a lot of calories, their benefits stop when you do. Meanwhile, HIIT continues to burn calories even after your workout has reached an end.

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